• Audits for initial public offering (IPO) preparation

Audits for initial public offering (IPO) preparation

We, BDO Japan support companies undertaking an IPO by providing solutions and answers to attain an ideal IPO in cooperation with concerned parties including managing underwriters and venture capitals while monitoring trends of the securities market.

As an audit firm and a guardian of the capital market, corresponding to enhance audit quality control in light of recent rash of accounting irregularities, we provide guidance to companies aiming for an IPO to be part of a solid capital market management.

For public listed companies looking into M&A or global expansion needing management strategy, we provide strong support to these companies by leveraging the BDO network.

Facing future social changes, we believe the importance of "open innovation" will be drastically expanding, and a full-fledged collaboration of industry, government, and academia will be needed. 

Therefore, we will provide services in various technical fields in which "open innovation" is expected to be enhanced in the future.

Financial statements audit reports for the last two fiscal years are required when companies apply to be a listed one. In order to provide an audit opinion, it is necessary to validate the balance sheet at the beginning of the two fiscal years. Therefore, when companies plan to pursue an IPO, it is generally appropriate to seek support from audit firms about three years before they wish to carry it out. 

We recommend companies pursuing an IPO to seek advice from audit firms as early as possible.