• Business outsourcing services

Business outsourcing services

BDO International provides business outsourcing services related to accounting and HR in order to help clients expand, streamline, and increase the clarity/transparency of their business.

In order for companies to expand business with limited human and other resources, it is necessary to select core businesses that bring out their strengths and concentrate its limited internal assets such as human resources into the core businesses. Through business outsourcing services, we provide support related to accounting and human resource (HR) in order to meet these selection and concentration needs.

In addition, we are capable of providing high-quality services in over 150 countries and regions outside Japan through mutual cooperation with BDO International member offices.

BDO International's business outsourcing services offer the following characteristics aimed at streamlining and increasing the clarity/transparency of clients' business:

  • Consolidation of contracts: Provision of global services based on a contract with a single member office
  • Central management: Central management of services offered by member offices by a single service team
  • Consistent reports: Preparation of globally aligned management reports
  • Flexible services: Provision of services around the world meeting clients' needs
  • Clear/Transparent information: Provision of real-time information using a cloud-based accounting system

Business outsourcing services provide the following:

  • Outsourcing accounting services
  • Outsourcing HR services