• Business succession/property tax consulting

Business succession/property tax consulting

BDO Japan believes that the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which account for the majority of Japanese companies, is what drives the growth of the Japanese economy and the development of SMEs in Japan is supported by the passion of business owners.

In order to enable business owners to concentrate on their business, BDO Tax Co. provides support as a tax expert to address their concerns about business succession and property tax.

If we call the process of providing business owners with advice on how, when, and to whom to pass on their business "business succession consulting," then it should be based on strong trust with staff who fully understand the corporate philosophy of business owners.

BDO Japan does not provide one-off business succession consulting. This is because such consulting service may end up providing mere tax saving advice and it is highly likely that clients will not be able to enjoy the expected benefits after tax reforms.

Our business succession consulting begins with understanding the philosophy of business owners and identifying when and to whom they wish to pass on their business.

Property tax consulting is to provide tax advice on the transfer of assets during business succession advising.

BDO Japan does not provide business succession consulting to reduce tax. As a tax and accounting expert, we provide consistent support for clients to pass on their business to someone they value in cooperation with various experts both in Japan and abroad.

BDO Japan provides the following business succession and property tax consulting services as needed:

  • Estimation of inherited properties and share valuation
  • Planning using a holding company
  • Support for authorization of public interest corporations
  • Inheritance tax and gift tax returns