• Compliance services

Compliance services

Guided by the principles of the Certified Public Tax Accountant Act, BDO Tax Co., as a tax expert, provides fair and independent support for clients to make various filings and fulfill tax obligations required under tax laws in accordance with the concept of a self-assessment system.

In line with economic globalization, foreign direct investments, joint ventures with local companies, technical cooperation, and personnel exchanges have become a normal sight in the business environment surrounding Japanese companies. As a result, investment options for business owners and wealthy individuals have expanded beyond Japan to overseas.

In light of these economic conditions, various tax laws have increasingly placed focus on foreign affiliated transactions and specified foreign subsidiary companies which are designated as priority items during a tax audit. In addition, major revisions were made to the Income Tax Act and other laws in Japan in FY2016 for overseas investments by wealthy individuals.

BDO Tax Co. provides various services to enable Japanese companies operating globally and individual clients investing outside Japan to seek advice to file a proper tax return.

We provide the following services in accordance with the needs of each client: