• International tax services

International tax services

We enable clients to reduce tax risk and cost by providing the most up-to-date global information.

When companies operate in foreign countries, they are required to understand and comply with the tax system in those countries as well as understanding and complying with tax laws and regulations in their home countries. In addition, tax risk related to overseas activities and tax cost generated in Japan and abroad can decide whether or not business activities succeed.

As the tax system in each country rapidly changing, and tax audits are becoming increasingly stringent, it is becoming extremely difficult to reduce tax cost while obtaining the latest information necessary to address tax risk and complying with laws and regulations without support.

In the above environment, BDO Tax Co., in cooperation with BDO International member offices located in over 150 countries and regions, are able to provide the following services to reduce clients' tax risk and cost:

  • Global tax planning services
  • Risk management and compliance services
  • Global tax outsourcing services
  • Transfer pricing consulting
    (for details, please refer to the transfer pricing consulting section)