The development of the retail industry has been driven by the innovation of business models and we have been seeing a large number of major changes in recent years. This is "kotozukuri" (value creation) generating storytelling value by combining goods and services with people's sensitivity such as M&A and active global expansion, promotion of IT, enhancement of supply chains, and online shopping using the Internet. We are seeing a transition from quantity to quality. There is no shortage of keywords to describe the retail industry.

There is no doubt that companies have entered an era where they are required to ensure unique and strategic business management with speed without being caught in simple pricing strategies.

Responding to changes

How to respond to changes is the key for the retail industry. In order to address these changes, we have provided a wide range of global-standard services such as audit & assurance, tax, and advisory services.

While major groups have emerged through reorganization and integration in the general merchandise store category that expanded during the asset price bubble period in Japan, new format stores such as consumer electronics stores, drug stores, and discount stores have achieved significant growth. In recent years, the convenience store segment has been becoming increasingly oligopolistic.

As symbolized by omnichannel which is at the forefront of kotozukuri, a seamless and diverse combination of online stores with bricks-and-mortar establishments has enabled consumers to shop anytime and anywhere.

We are confident of our abilities to leverage our extensive expertise and experience to support clients' growth and provide outstanding services in this rapidly changing retail industry.